Women in the pulpit: The Theological Discussion

Egalitarians believe

By Dr. Ron Pierce, Biola University

  • In both spiritual and functional equality of all believers in Christ, not for personal rights but for godly service.
  • That husbands and wives should lovingly yield to one another in all aspects of Christian marriage.
  • That women and men may serve together based on their gifts and callings in all aspects of church-related ministry.

Complementarians believe

By Mary Kassian, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • God created male and female as complementary expressions of the image of God. Both are counterparts in reflecting his glory
  • Men have a responsibility to exercise headship in their homes and church family, but authority is not the right to rule; it’s the responsibility to serve.
  • Males were designed to shine the spotlight on Christ’s relationship to the church in a way that females cannot. Females were also designed to shine the spotlight on the church’s relationship to Christ in a way that males cannot.

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