The Point

The Point

A magazine for students, by students

 The Point exists to enrich Biola’s campus by diving deeply into people’s stories and exploring issues at the intersection of student life and faith.

Ted Talk: Color blind or color brave?

In this Ted Talk, finance executive Mellody Hobson explores the difference between colorblindness and color bravery and how such bravery can …

What’s the Point: Women’s March 2019

What's the Point: Women's March 2019 Thecla Li, Staff Photographer Caitlin Gaines, Freelance Photographer Thecla Li, Staff Photographer Hannah Clark, Freelance PHotographer Pierce Singgih, Freelance …

7 Dorms, 7 Personalities

Alpha, Blackstone, Hart, Hope, Horton, Sigma, Stewart: the faces of Biola’s housing options. While together they compile what 65 percent …

Ugandan Music As a Mirror

“I'm using my art to create human mirrors where my country can see themselves.” I believe there is no greater way …


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