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The Biola Hiptionary

Written by Brittany Cervantes

Biola Hiptionary Terms

(Courtesy of senior cinema and media arts major Greg Sanders)

Sidewalk Strumming: Playing worship in public places around campus, seemingly unaware that suitors are passing by.

Tray Blazin’: The act of confidently walking through the Caf, letting everyone know you’re a new student or visitor by using a tray.

Worship Wander: Strategically placing yourself in front of an attractive guy or girl during a chapel or Singspo so that when you raise your hands in worship, that “special someone” can see you have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord.

Social Network Saint: Posting Scripture and/or a picture of a highlighted Bible verse on Facebook while sipping a cup of coffee.

Psychology Psych: The state of being stoked that you and a new friend have Dr. Grace’s Intro to Psychology course, only to realize on the first day that you’ll never see that friend because that class has 499 other people.

Biola Bubble Bafflement: Freaking out when you see a Biola parking sticker on a car outside of Biola. This typically happens on the 5, at Berry Cool, or at Disneyland.

Caf Caravan: During busy hours in the caf, one or more individuals will closely follow someone as a means of navigating a path through the crowd of hungry Biolans.

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