Christmas Gifting: Biola Style

The Christmas season, as all of us Bible-believing Biolans know very well, is not about gifts, Black Friday, or Santa Claus. It’s clearly about the Creator of the universe becoming a helpless human child. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t all spread a little love and joy (and imitate the generosity of God the Father in the process) by giving and receiving a few presents here and there. So to help you out in the process, here’s a quick list (make sure to check it twice) of the top seven gifts Biolans can give to one another.

  1. Biola-Themed Winter Survival Kit: The weather outside is frightful, and the Biola bookstore is so delightful. Pick up sweatshirts, scarves, umbrellas and coffee mugs to keep your loved ones cozy, dry and stylishly Eagle-ish over California’s few wintry months.
  2. Self-Made Biola Stockings: Since no one offers these fireplace-hanging, oversized gift-storing socks embroidered with “BU” or Dr. Barry Corey’s face, make some from scratch! Even if it’s just the Eagle emblem Sharpied onto a store-bought stocking; you will create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.
  3. Free Spring Textbooks: Got a dozen leftover textbooks from last Spring because you forgot to sell them back again? Perfect! Instead of throwing them back into circulation and getting a solid three bucks for each, donate them to students in need. Plus, you can leave amusing or uplifting notes hidden within the pages, making these the gifts that keep on giving!
  4. A Date With DBC: Want to surprise a friend with something they’d never expect, and definitely never forget. Hook them up on a coffee date with Biola’s wondrous and charming president, Dr. Corey. It ould take nothing more than a cheerful Facebook message to the big man, will cost you nothing, and will leave them floored in shock and disbelief.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee this will actually work, but hey! It’s worth a shot.

  1. Merry Christmas Videos: If your budget is under a dollar and you just want to give a distant Biola buddy a piece of yourself, make them a sentimental, entertaining video on Facebook. Jingle some bells, show off your hideous, uncomfortable Christmas sweater, hold up some mistletoe, send an e-kiss, and wish them a “Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad!”
  2. Favor Booklets: Anybody remember those little pamphlets we would give our mom’s on Mother’s Day chocked full of coupons for “One Free Hug” or “Breakfast in Bed?” These can totally work for Biolans too (just modified a little). Include free massages, dinner on you, Common Grounds deliveries, movie nights, and of course, “Breakfast in Dorm.”
  3. Grocery Store Gift Card: If you’ve run out of creativity and know you have to resort to the boring, unimaginative gift card, make it for something that you know everyone wants and needs: food. You really can’t go wrong offering a college kid $20 worth of ice cream, frozen waffles, Cheetos and Top Ramen.

P.S. All these wondrous ideas are totally legitimate options for birthdays, various other holidays and random gift days too, so if you miss the opportunity to give a few for Christmas, never fear, New Years is here!

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