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Costumes, and what you can do for Halloween

Written by Shanley Knox

Yesterday, my friends and I spent the afternoon perusing shops in Sherman Oaks. It was cloudy, and I found myself a hazelnut brew. There was a street fair going on, so we people-watched, laughed, went to an old record shop, and, of course, began the hunt for Halloween costumes. Masks, socks, wigs (“look at this one!”)–I tried on about five different pairs of glasses that all got shot down with a terribly serious “I’m having trouble even looking at you right now.”

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I plan to spend it in Hollywood this year. Proceeds from the party I’m going to go to Lullalee’s Literacy for Children. As I checked out their website, I realized there are probably parties and events all over the Los Angeles area that are using Halloween as an excuse to fundraise for charities and causes.

And so, after checking out black wigs and discussing maps at Borders, I came home and did a bit of research. Five ideas I found:
1. If you’re looking for a way to give back through your costume, the Long Beach AIDS Assistance Thrift Store is hosting a Halloween costume and vintage clothing sale through the 31st.
2. If you’re looking to spend the 31st volunteering to help children affected by AIDS, the Children Affected by AIDS foundation is running a dream night in Santa Monica for children affected by the disease.
3. If you’re looking to help support a food drive, in a family atmosphere, the Short Avenue 1st Annual Halloween Carnival Fundraiser in Marina Del Rey Short Avenue is probably the place for you to be.
4. Benefit Long Beach’s Family Farm Growing Experience, a community garden providing vegetables and fruits year-round using sustainable methods, synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, at this five course fall dinner on October 23rd.
5. The LA Cancer Challenge is hosting a 5k/10k event in Torrance to benefit the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, featuring an expo, Halloween Kid Zone, contests and (my favorite part) a pumpkin pancake breakfast.

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