• Sexual Assault Awareness
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    What’s the Point: A Reflection on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Written by Eliza Lee Author’s note: I acknowledge the topic of sexual assault is often repeated, cliche or in general incorrect. However, I am not here to talk about my own story of sexual assault. I am aware of the depravity left after encounters of assault and even more aware of how listening to another “survivor” can do nothing for healing. But for those of you reading this who have also been impacted, I pray you know how deeply validated and whole you are and that this is a journey that will never end for you, but you will grow to appreciate yourself because of it. The first time I…

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    “But You’re a Girl”

    Written by Rachel Bicha “But you’re a girl.” “We just need some strong boys to help us move this table.” “You’re so thin.” “Have you gained weight?” “You’re so emotional.” “You’re so serious.” “You seem angry. Are you on your period right now?” “Have you found any boys yet at college? Are you dating someone?” “So, tell me about your boyfriend. You are dating someone, right?” “I think boys would be more interested if you weren’t so intimidating.” “Are you sure you’re not gay?” They say words are less weighty than sticks and stones but I beg to differ. Words are weighty. They carry the weight of a dozen ideas.…