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    Are Virtual Friends Real Friends

    According to a January 2020 survey published by the health company Cigna, roughly 3 in 5 Americans are lonely. Since 2018, when Cigna first began conducting annual surveys of loneliness, there has been a nearly 13% rise in loneliness. Nonetheless, we have never been so connected with the advent of social media. In their Friendship Report, Snapchat revealed that 79% of survey respondents affirm the helpfulness of digital communication in maintaining relationships. However, it is hard to reconcile the increase in American loneliness to the rise of virtual friendships. Social media is a powerful tool, but its impact is paradoxical — as virtual, relational connectivity increases, interpersonal satisfaction decreases. Something…

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    What’s the Point: A Reflection on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Written by Eliza Lee Author’s note: I acknowledge the topic of sexual assault is often repeated, cliche or in general incorrect. However, I am not here to talk about my own story of sexual assault. I am aware of the depravity left after encounters of assault and even more aware of how listening to another “survivor” can do nothing for healing. But for those of you reading this who have also been impacted, I pray you know how deeply validated and whole you are and that this is a journey that will never end for you, but you will grow to appreciate yourself because of it. The first time I…

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    Women Protest for Peace in Yemen

    Written by Jana Eller The numerous uprisings during the Arab Spring of 2011 have continued to impact the daily lives of those living in the Middle-East and have also continued to capture the headlines in the West. Two years after the Syrian war began with a violent crackdown on peaceful protests — eventually causing the worst refugee crisis since World War II — another war broke out, which has escalated to become the worst humanitarian crisis in 100 years, according to the United Nations. HISTORY Resting on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula a few miles off the horn of Africa and bordered by Saudi Arabia, the relatively young nation…

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    Small businesses pursue representation

    Written by Rose Borrero “They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots,” – Tupac Shaku Winding down the streets of Inglewood, going past the Skittle-colored houses done in Spanish adobe style, past the corner markets and bodegas with signs stating, “Milk, Eggs, and Liquor,” bopped a festival celebrating Black History Month. It was nestled neatly in a predominantly Afro-Caribbean neighborhood, bragging of African and Jamaican food, niche afro-centric shops, and hair salons. Despite the abrupt windiness and the looming threat of rainfall, an entire block was lined with Black-owned businesses, natural food stands, and musicians and artists…

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    Dancing through history

    Los Angeles hosted a powwow on Saturday, Nov. 17 to celebrate Native American heritage with traditional music, dances, food and apparel. Our photographer Justin Johnson got photos of the event.