As Dreams Grow Up

Photography by Alissa Sandoval

People live to make their imaginations come true, but does it always happen this way? A childhood dream can change with time. Some people decide to focus on an entirely new career then what they initially thought. Students and faculty share their vision and how it has changed or stayed the same over the years.

“My childhood dream job was probably [to be] a trucker. Now, I am a computer scientist which I guess means that was just a childhood thing. Bigger and better things came along, I guess.” – Michael Prigge, junior, computer science.

“My childhood dream job was to be on TV. After that it really changed because I got really camera shy and I didn’t want to see myself on TV or on camera. Then, I fell in love with children and wanted to be a teacher, and now I want to help in [communication] disorders.”- Jessica Guzman, junior, communication disorders.

“My dream was to be a Disney imagineer and that is still my dream now. I have a more realistic view of it now.”- Andy Zalk, sophomore, English/writing with a minor in business.

“I wanted to be a forest ranger; now I am not even close to a forest ranger. This is my jungle here. At the time I went to school, it just didn’t work out.”- Richard Shiosaka, mail clerk.

“When I was a child, my dream job was to be a flight attendant, but as I grew older I started working here at Biola for food services for 12 years. My aspirations would be to own my own account or own business.”- Pamela Montoya, Cafe manager.

“My childhood dream job was going to med school to become a doctor and it has not changed since then; it has stayed the same.” – Bretton Smith, junior, biological science.

“My childhood dream job was to be a cowboy, a race car driver, a fireman, then an astronaut. Yeah, I wanted to be lots of things, but a cowboy was definitely first. Now, I want to be a composer for films and get my doctorate in composition and teach at the collegiate level.” – Joel Santos, sophomore, music composition.

“My childhood dream job was to be an architect. I was really good with my hands. Now, my dream job is a social worker. What I want to do is become an adoptive counselor because I am adopted as well.” – Caleb Yee, sophomore, sociology.

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