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Biking Essentials: What to Take

Written by Ethan Froelich

1) Water: Take a nalgene for most rides you go on. I usually take around 24oz of water when I ride the 30-mile round trip to the beach.

2) Portable Bike Pump: This is a simple $9-$15 purchase that is small enough to travel with you, but effective enough to pump up tires that have lost air. Bike tires can lose 10-20psi of air pressure overnight, so always be pumping up your tires before a long ride.

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3) Cliff Bars: These are life savers when you get to a halfway point in your ride. With almost 250 calories in each bar, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry and losing energy. You can lose around 500-750 calories per hour that you bike, depending on your pace.

4) Sunscreen: I have gone on many a ride where it is overcast to start, but after a few miles, the weather changes to full-sun. Being burnt after a ride is no fun.

5) A Bike Tool: These all-in-one tools are the swiss army knife of bikers; they contain just about every tool needed for bike repairs or adjustments. Ranging from around $10 for a basic tool, to $25 for an advanced tool, this is a cheap addition that puts the mind at ease when traveling miles from home.

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6) Extra Bike Tubes: While changing a bike tube after a flat is enough to deter many people from riding long distances, it shouldn’t be a problem if you have an extra bike tube, and the equipment already listed. Using your bike tool, portable pump, and your extra tube, you should be road ready again in minutes. Always bring more than one extra tube if you can, and at around $5-$10 dollars, they are not going to bankrupt you.

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7) Music/TED Talks/Podcasts/Audiobooks: On longer rides, even the most dramatic scenery will not always keep your legs moving. I use a smattering of music, inspirational talks from TED, news podcasts, and intriguing audiobooks, to make it the miles fly by.

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