Top Tips: Adjusting to Campus Life When Everyone Else is, too

As Biola’s first month back on campus for in-person learning comes to a close, students may still be feeling confronted with this transitional season that has now been extended to both freshman and sophomores alike. Here are some tips that were received and compiled from students, alumni, and others who have experienced times of transition and change.


1. “Don’t worry about feeling like you aren’t sure about what you want to do. A lot of us are too…”


It’s totally normal  to be unsure about your major of choice. In fact, if you ask any upperclassman Biolan, they will most likely have either experienced a change in their major,  or be close to someone who did. From a statistical standpoint as well, the majority of students will end up serving in jobs with roles that adapt frequently. Given the dynamic landscape of the job industry, most employers will value the fact that a potential employee has learned to love learning, rather than having a perfect knowledge and gameplan for the industry.


2. “You are only in this spot in this moment for this time…

live your freshman [or sophomore] year to the fullest! Try new things, meet new people, don’t limit yourself… embrace ALL God has for you. Humbly learn something new all the days of your life.”


Whether it be pursuing a well-rounded perspective on academics, mastering basic adulthood skills, or becoming more aware of how to better meet the needs of others, there’s always an overflowing abundance of life lessons that can be invested into, especially during the first semesters in college. Even if the perfect friend group doesn’t emerge right away, don’t panic or stop searching. Sometimes the search itself can be both refining and grounding.


3. “Don’t get too caught up in doing life – remember that now is your chance to live.”


Very rarely is there another time after college that is dedicated not only to academics, but even more importantly towards learning the art of living. Invest in the relationships that count, and savor the moments that this time affords.


4. “Sometimes college is not for everyone. Discover who you are. Take a year off if need be.”

Don’t be afraid of stepping back for a season to reevaluate your calling in life. It is often in these moments of tension that growth happens.


5. “Take it one day at a time…”


On occasion, college life may become overly busy and emotionally overwhelming. As much as making a schedule and creating healthy routines is both helpful and encouraged, sometimes focusing too much on getting things accomplished can overshadow the flow and vivacity that should also be present throughout college. Amidst the longterm commitments of academic life, it’s important to cultivate the abiding quality of active rest. Every single day, both good and bad, God Himself will provide the strength and grace for His people to not only survive but also to grow.


6. “You are not alone!”


Although sometimes it may seem like the situations and problems faced today are new or unexpected, rest assured that they are not. There are many other people, both peers and mentors alike, who have persevered through strikingly similar adversities and overcome personal obstacles. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you trust. The difficulties of today may seem shocking especially during times of transition, but be encouraged in the knowledge that they are not exceptionally foreign, and that you are not alone.  

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