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Is Alpha Haunted?

Writers: Grace Morales and Dania Lopez | Photographer: Dania Lopez

When approaching the topic of the all girls dorm Alpha, much of the conversation may proceed with discussions on the possibility of its haunted halls. Built in 1966 and being one of the oldest buildings on campus, it’s no surprise rumors have spread like wildfire about the concerning themes amongst the dark walls. Is this quiet campus dorm hiding more than what meets the eye?

It is believed that a horror movie was once filmed inside the dorm but no one has any concrete information that proves this to be true.

“I heard that they filmed a horror movie in Alpha but I don’t know how concrete that is… My roommate and I watched the movie and didn’t see any resemblance to Alpha,” said senior Psychology major Marge Sosa Garduno.

It is said that former Biola alumni Scott Derrickson, who has since gone on to direct blockbuster movies like Doctor Strange, is the filmmaker. One of Derrickson’s movies called “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” credits Biola as a filming location on IMDB but yet again, there isn’t any solid proof that any of the horror movies made by Derrickson were filmed inside of the residence. One of the many speculations is that there is a ghost of an old man roaming through the halls of the basement floor, which is rumored to be the most haunted part of Alpha, and jokes about the possibility of someone jumping out and grabbing you in the middle of the night; make their way through the student body. With lights that flicker at night, some girls argue that they felt scared while living there. While other Alpha residents like Garduno who tells the story about how she broke her foot while inside the dorm, saying that

“a ghost tripped me and that’s how I broke my foot.”

Some of her peers on the other hand whistle to a bit of a different tune.

The notion that the residence might be haunted quickly takes hold on campus. Senior Bible Theology and Ministries major Hannah Fodera stated, “I have heard people say Alpha is haunted… That’s generally one of the first things they say about the dorm, especially if they haven’t lived there before.”

But are the rumors accurate, or are they simply speculative? Fodera claimed that because she prayed and pleaded the blood of Jesus on her floor, she wasn’t concerned about it and felt little to no fear. Another past resident of Alpha, senior Biological Sciences major Simran Tiwari, explained about the two times that she saw a tall black figure in the corner of her room and her roomate seeing it at a different time.

Tiwari remarked, “It was at a time when I was truly striving to seek God, therefore an attack of the enemy?”

Both Fodera and Tiwari recognize the existence and activity of the spiritual realm. In Ephesians 6, the Apostle Paul reminds us that our battle as Christians is not against physical opponents but against spiritual evil powers in heavenly realms, the apostle Paul reminds us that donning God’s armor provides us the strength to fight evil’s plots. Putting on God’s armor is our strongest defense against evil, especially when the Devil is at his most active.

The Bible does not specifically state anything about a location being haunted or possessed by ghosts, but it does talk about where a human spirit ends up beyond death. The circle of life is that we are born and go on to live our lives until the day we die, but what happens after that? According to Hebrews 9, humans are destined to face judgment after death, and because of this, a person’s soul and spirit no longer roam the earth after death. 2 Corinthians 5 and Philippians 1 state only two possibilities for the soul of a believer: Heaven or Hell. That being said, it pretty much eliminates the possibility of ghosts in the form of a human spirit. However, the Bible teaches that angels and demons are spirits that can converse with human beings. Angels are shown to be holy and righteous while demons are evil, deceitful, and destructive. 2 Corinthians 11 states that demons can disguise themselves as “angels of light” and “servants of righteousness.” With this evidence from Scriptures, it is quite plausible that demons possess the ability to mimic both living individuals as well as those who have passed away.

There is nothing to fear if our lives are built on His foundation and we consistently put on the armor of God. In fact, we are aware that the Devil and demons quake at the mention of Jesus because they recognize their doom. Regardless if the rumors are true or not, there is no doubt that Alpha is more than just it’s rumors but it is a place where college girls reside and make endless memories. Thousands of girls have shuffled their way in and out of Alpha creating thousands of fond memories that they will never forget.

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