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    Ugandan Music As a Mirror

      Written by Santa Victoria-Perez “I’m using my art to create human mirrors where my country can see themselves.” I believe there is no greater way of influencing a thinking and feeling species than by causing them to think and feel … we feel the need to understand who we are as well, and the things that make us who we areI would like for us as a country to talk more about our art as it currently exists in our culture, the role it plays, but also the role it could play is a Ugandan recording artist and songwriter. Through her music she aims to bring awareness to the…

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    A Cure for Study Time Blues

    Written by Hailey Zendejas We know what you’re thinking—what can I do to cure my study time blues? Well luckily, we have two perfect ways: forming a rocking playlist and grabbing some delicious snacks. Here are some tips to help ensure you find the best tunes for a night of studying. Picking songs that you don’t have memorized is best. It’s hard to study when you want to sing along with Yoncé or weep while belting out Adele, since you already know all of the words. Don’t worry—we have plenty of suggestions. Some of the bands you can’t help but fall in love with are The 1975, The Lumineers and Duran…