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99 Things to do at Biola

Written by Alyssa Alvarez

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  1. Graduate!
  2. Take a class from Dr. Thoennes or Dr. Jung
  3. Have a DTR on the Talbot East rooftop garden
  4. Watch the Disneyland fireworks from the roof of the parking structure
  5. Live on both upper and lower campus
  6. Change roommates at least twice
  7. Donate a meal to Brown Bag
  8. Volunteer for a campus ministry that is outside your comfort zone
  9. Feed the Biola ducks
  10. Donate to your senior class gift
  11. Pre-order your textbooks at the bookstore
  12. Try a new machine at the Fitness Center
  13. Nurture a dorm-approved pet (hint: it’s a fish)
  14. Participate in your floor retreat
  15. Volunteer for Mission’s Conference staff
  16. Attend all the Torrey conference sessions
  17. Attend SCORR conference
  18. Go to music at noon (it’s actually at 12:30)
  19. Sign up for an every-day-of-the-week class
  20. Appeal a campus safety citation
  21. Get locked out of your dorm room
  22. Make a menu suggestion at the Caf (and get it approved)
  23. Bike the local trails
  24. Have a class in the Grove
  25. Spend an afternoon shooting pool in the SUB
  26. Stay up all night in BHOP (Biola House of Prayer)
  27. Leave your phone behind for the day
  28. Take notes by hand rather than on your laptop
  29. Get your hands dirty in the Biola organic garden
  30. Instagram in front of the Jesus Mural
  31. Tweet @BiolaU
  32. Get interviewed by Eagle Vision or the Chimes
  33. Get an article published by the Point
  34. Perform at the Eddy
  35. Throw a s’mores party at the Fireplace Pavilion
  36. Kill at least one person in Catch Me If You Can
  37. Be on a first-name basis with your AS senator
  38. Leave a random note of kindness in a stranger’s mailbox
  39. Join a spontaneous frisby game on Metzger Lawn
  40. Regularly attend one local church for your full time at Biola
  41. Read a book just for fun
  42. Invite a stranger to join your table at the Caf
  43. Tapingo a drink from chapel
  44. Join a Mock Rock group
  45. Have a conversation with DBC
  46. Ride the Biola Shuttle
  47. Get an on-campus job
  48. Go ice skating on a GYRAD
  49. Go on an SMU short-term mission trip
  50. Light a candle at the annual Christmas tree lighting
  51. Go on a road trip
  52. Take a random class outside of your major
  53. Crash one All-Hall from every dorm
  54. Do a devotional in the Olive Grove
  55. Take a nap in the library reading room
  56. Dance in the parking structure elevator for all to see
  57. Get your picture with the Biola Eagle
  58. Win your dorm competition
  59. Hike up to the Hollywood sign
  60. Get a Disney pass at least one year
  61. Lose your ID card
  62. Skip class to go to the beach
  63. Visit your roommate’s hometown
  64. Go out to eat Pho at midnight
  65. Visit the Getty
  66. Go to Diddy Riese
  67. Take a date to the Griffith Observatory
  68. Get a Nationball outfit from Savers
  69. Star in a film student’s assignment
  70. Go swing or line dancing with friends
  71. Go to a free taping of a game show
  72. Try every boba place within 5 miles
  73. Go on a late night Fro-Yo run
  74. Change your major mid-semester
  75. Get your toes wet by Flour Fountain
  76. Sing karaoke in the Caf during Study Break
  77. Participate in a 3 week Daniel Fast
  78. Pray in Rose of Sharon or Talbot East prayer chapel
  79. Get crazy at Midnight Madness
  80. Deactivate your Facebook during finals
  81. Get a huge group of friends together for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ
  82. Visit Biola’s original site downtown at 6th and Hope
  83. Take the archery P.E. class
  84. Apply to be an RA or SOS leader
  85. Spend all day in the Caf doing homework
  86. Get your picture on the MyBiola sign in page
  87. Audition for Punk ’n’ Pie
  88. Play a prank on another dorm floor
  89. Find a secret spot on campus to relax
  90. Join a random club each semester
  91. Participate in a floor tradition
  92. Attend the Mosaic Masquerade
  93. Play on an intramural sports team
  94. Get a care package from home
  95. Take a unique yearbook picture
  96. Save enough flex to splurge during finals week
  97. Attend a Biola golf match or swim meet
  98. Get honked at by a maintenance cart
  99. Get credit for a random chapel opportunity

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