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13 Themes for 2013

Photography by Emily Cariaga

Written by Kahlie Colwell

Theme 1: Be Spontaneous!

  • Take a weekend road trip with some buddies.
  • Plan a cheese fondue party. (Experiment with different cheeses? Ask the Cheese Society!)
  • Buy an ugly plant and name it. (All the companionship without the hassle.)
  • Ding dong ditch your neighbors and leave them a Mr. Potato Head.

Theme 2: Post-College Prep

  • Attempt to make yourself dinner. (Remember: third times the charm!!!)
  • Daydream about where you hope to live one day when you finish growing up.
  • Apply for a summer internship.
  • Update your résumé.

Theme 3: Experience Biola

  • Ask for a photo with DBC. (Don’t forget to get his autograph too!)
  • Soak up the sun while studying by Fluor Fountain.
  • Attend an awkward Gyrad with a stranger.
  • Bond with your floor mates during a floor retreat.

Theme 4: Get fit! (Really.)

  • Bike to the beach. (Seal Beach: 30 Miles. Easy!)
  • Pull out those old sneakers and join an intramural sports team.
  • RUN up Caf hill.

Theme 5: Eat Healthier

  • Satisfy your craving for ice cream with some tasty frozen yogurt.
  • Catch as many grapes as you can with your mouth. (Invite your friends for a friendly competition!)
  • Eat more dark chocolate. (Studies do prove it’s healthy!)

Theme 6: Grow Spiritually

  • Record a prayer journal for one month. See how God grows you through the experience!
  • Ask to be mentored by an older person from church, and learn from their wisdom.
  • Intentionally and consistently pray for the needs of others.
  • Make Saturday “Sabbathing” a regular part of your week with God.

Theme 7: Be Outdoorsy

  • Be the ultimate backwoodsman and camp where there are no public facilities.
  • Go for an afternoon picnic with friends at La Mirada Park. (Don’t forget the football!!!)
  • Plant a small vegetable garden. (Pumpkins for pumpkin pie!)
  • Feed the Biola ducks. (Instant way to make friends.)

Theme 8: Go Green!

  • Scrape the rust off your bicycle and bike to the grocery store.
  • Try out the handy, Biola Shuttle.
  • Take five minute showers! (Doing the impossible!)
  • Consciously choose to recycle.
  • Carpool with friends. (And save a few bucks!)

Theme 9: Learn Financial Responsibility

  • Apply for a job and save up hard-earned money.
  • Track your spending habits with a yearly budget.
  • Buy one less latte a week!
  • Take Dr. Rick Bee’s Bible class “Faith and Money”.

Theme 10: Travel the World!

  • Join a Biola missions team and see life from a new perspective.
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture while studying abroad.
  • Low on funds? Simply read “Around the World in 80 Days.”

Theme 11: Stay in Touch with Family

  • Switch things up and send your family a care package! Send each member an item that reminds you of them.
  • Good ol’ Skype date! That way even Fido can pop his head in and say hi!
  • Write a letter. It’s always fun to get mail!
  • Keep your family up to date with a blog of your grand adventures.

Theme 12: Start a Hobby

  • Learn to knit so you can knit scarves for all your friends and family. Christmas shopping made simple!
  • Choose an instrument with a funny name and learn to play it. Hurdy-gurdy? Didgeridoo?
  • Dig up your old Pokemon cards and resume collecting ‘em all.
  • Keep a book of quotes. (Jesus quotes automatically earn top spot.)

Theme 13: Do Something New

  • Bravely exhibit your talent in some public forum. Punk N’ Pie talent show?
  • Challenge yourself to run the LA marathon. Goal: FINISH.
  • Learn to ride a unicycle.
  • Write a book. (Even if you never publish it.)

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