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    Washing Out Hollywood’s Whitewashing

    Written by Jubilee Pham With the release of Marvel’s latest blockbuster “Doctor Strange” the term “whitewashing” has appeared in numerous examples of headlines alongside social media posts concerning the film’s casting choices. Tilda Swinton’s acting really isn’t relevant to the race/whitewashing issues of Doctor Strange. Like there aren’t good Asian actors? Sheesh. — Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (@Hello_Tailor) November 6, 2016 doctor strange had so many opportunities to be a superhero movie with asian leads but here we are with eggs benedict and tilda swinton — Trang Dong (@tranganhdong) November 6, 2016 The issue also concerns the live-action adaptation of the manga series and anime “Ghost in the Shell.” Most recently, the…

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    “But You’re a Girl”

    Written by Rachel Bicha “But you’re a girl.” “We just need some strong boys to help us move this table.” “You’re so thin.” “Have you gained weight?” “You’re so emotional.” “You’re so serious.” “You seem angry. Are you on your period right now?” “Have you found any boys yet at college? Are you dating someone?” “So, tell me about your boyfriend. You are dating someone, right?” “I think boys would be more interested if you weren’t so intimidating.” “Are you sure you’re not gay?” They say words are less weighty than sticks and stones but I beg to differ. Words are weighty. They carry the weight of a dozen ideas.…

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    What’s the point of the Electoral College?

    Written by Tim Seeberger President Donald Trump stunned the world when he defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election. Shocking many media outlets and democratic voters, Trump won 270 of the 538 electoral votes quite easily through gaining key swing states early on. Although the Republican candidate won the electoral vote, Trump lost the popular vote by over 2 million. Many Americans now question the legitimacy and need for the electoral college because of the disconnect between the popular vote opinion and the results of the Electoral College. With political tensions rising in the time after the collection the questions is: What’s the point of the Electoral College? The Electoral…

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    Studying abroad: one of the most beneficial things for college students

    Written by Claire Zasso She was backpacking through Iceland with a couple friends. They rented a car to visit the Northern part of the country and stopped for dinner in a small town off the highway. At the restaurant, they began talking with a local and asked if she had any tips for seeing the Northern Lights. The woman said to look before they got back to the city because the light pollution would be too strong. Abby Conrad and her friends got back on the road, searching the night sky for stars to see if the clouds were clearing. When they finally spotted some, Conrad pulled the car over.…

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    Youth (n): The state or quality of being young, especially as associated with vigor, freshness, or immaturity. This quality manifests itself differently depending on who embodies it. Every individual has his or her own idea of youth and what it entails. This photo series by Janelle Mejia explores and showcases the different perspectives among generations.

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    Outgrown: Vancouver Sleep Clinic serenades Los Angeles

    Written by Leah Lu The Bootleg Theater is a music venue that strikingly resembles the residential studios surrounding it. Sitting on the fringe of Echo Park and backdropped by the Los Angeles skyline, Beverly Boulevard felt like it was nestled in a suburb, quiet and littered with pharmacies, liquor stores and churches. The area is not glamorous and rather homely, a vibe that could not have been more fitting for Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s intimate, headlining show on Nov. 29. Upon arrival, one immediately notices the welcoming, almost familiar comfort of the Bootleg. The theater is spacious, its walls donned with exposed brick and cement. Down the hall there is a…

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    Made in Hollywood

    Written by Leah Lu LANY has become a household name at Biola. After drawing a large crowd at The Eddy last October, there’s been an indisputable connection between this campus and the three-piece synth-pop group. That link was evident at LANY’s sold-out Los Angeles dates of the closing leg of their “Kinda” tour. Several groups of Biola students were interspersed in the line that wrapped around Hollywood Boulevard outside of the historic Fonda Theater.  After doors opened on November 19th, Saturday night, the checkered floor of the venue gradually grew saturated with fans ranging from teenage girls to guys in their mid-twenties and, a personal favorite, a grown man repping…